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My Trish Advisor all started on accident or like I say oragnically!   A few videos that I recorded about my frustrations about the US media always posting negative info about Mexico!  2 of them went viral, it was nuts! 

If you are new here…a little about me!  I am originally from Iowa and have been living in a small town just south of Cancun called Puerto Morelos for over 4 years now.  Puerto Morelos has been deemed a driniking village with a fishing problem and lives well up to its name!

I have had many questions over the last 2 years this has all began and have compiled a beginning stages of a MAP of the places I recommend to EAT. STAY and PLAY!  

The idea behind this is that rather than other platforms that you have to read through hundreds or thousands of reviews this map will only have 1 review and recommendations.  The idea is as you travel and explore the places I enjoy you will like them too and hopefully explore places you would have not normally have found.  I am hoping to have places here that maybe you can’t find easily or are as touristy as well.  Maybe your here in the Puerto Morelos area and you like the taco spot I recommeneded or the catamaran tour I offer,  Now next you are going to Los Cabos and you say hey lets look up My Trish Advisor and see what she has there!?  We are in the beginning stages and starting with the Riviera Maya, but we will be expanding to other locations soon!  

Thanks friends and look forward to helping you discover Mexico!


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featured 'PLAY' locations

A few of the places to tour that I highly recommend!

Valladolid, Yucatan, swimming in a centoe, and exploring the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza…
Sit up on the top deck area (if you don’t mind wind) and order the mezcal margarita and enjoy the am…
You then continue on a guided tour through the jungle, which concludes with service of fresh cocktai…

featured 'EAT' locations

A few of the places to eat that I recommend!

featured 'STAY' locations

A few of the places to stay that I highly recommend!

Breakfast and lunch spot with great food, coffee and on the main square in Puerto Morelos…

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